Banff 2008

Banff, May '08 Improv set featuring Joe Hertenstein (N.Y) drums, Cat Torren (Vancouver) piano, Justin Wood (N.Y.) Clarinet, cheryl o (Toronto) cello and effects.


Live improvisation on CIUT with Steve Sauve and Wally Jericho

Friday Afternoon Improvisations with Eric St Laurent
Please excuse the low-bit recording.

Listen for the vaccuum-cleaner entry in Take 1!

Rob's Collision
Rob Piilonen flute and composer, Mitch Yolevsky clarinet, Colin Anthony piano, cheryl o cello, Joe Sorbara percussion

Acoustic improv with Steve Sauve on piano.


"Showcasing a collection of pieces recorded at a variety of sessions, including a performance this year at the AMBiENT PiNG, this disc captures the sound of four brilliant talents perfectly aligned with each other in the spirit of creation."
rik/ping things

The first quasiMODAL CD of spontaneous improvisations is now available on the internet at ping things for $15 Canadian.


The Storm Within, a live improvisation, recorded with ambient electronic artists dreamSTATE, features cheryl on cello and treatments, with additional cello treatments by Steven Sauve. This track is available on CD for the first time - on ambient.02@hyperreal - a double-CD ambient compilation from aquaFM, which also features tracks by Stephen Philips, Forrest Fang, Numina, Craig Padilla, Falling You, Ashera and many other great ambient artists.

"For this song, which was recorded live at the famous Ambient Ping, dreamSTATE teamed up with cheryl o. This results in a very beautiful, slightly chaotic-sounding song of immense beauty."
Stefan Koopmanschap
Electronic Music World

Buy this limited edition double CD online now for only $13.50 US


The PiNG AMBiENCE compilation CD features dark river an improvisation by cheryl and her looping mentor Andrew Aldridge captured live at THE AMBiENT PiNG during a Planet Of The Loops performance together. It also includes tracks by many of cheryl's ambient musical partners like Wally Jericho, dreamSTATE, Pholde, Sylken, Arnold Sprogis (Ambient-TV) and others.

"Featuring such luminaries in the scene as dreamSTATE, Sylken, ARC and cheryl o, PiNG AMBiENCE is a fine example of the music that has made THE AMBiENT PiNG so highly regarded. Featuring a variety of tones, emotions, textures, PiNG AMBiENCE is sure to bring more attention to what is fast becoming one of the most exciting and vital electronic music scenes going."
rik maclean / ping things reviews

dark river has also been featured as the soundtrack for intro x, a short film by the thunderbolt video project, out of Germany. You can watch it online here - but you may need to install the VP3.2 CODEC for Quicktime - which they provide at their site.


The Live ElectroAcoustic Research Kitchen (LEARK) was created in September 2001 at the School of Music, Queen's University, for the purpose of creating and performing live electroacoustic music, primarily in an improvisatory context. LEARK is a laptop band. "Expurge" is its second audio CD, and features Mike Cassells, David McCallum, Robert Mulder, Kristi Allik and special guest cheryl o.

1st Ambiversary

August 15, 2000 on the sound:escape radio program at for The Ambient Ping's 1st Anniversary Special.